At WILGRP  we use state of the art tools in the study and production of building designs.  From virtual reality tours of the building; 3d printing and Building Information Modeling; we can give the client informed decisions.

  • Virtual Reality Tours: with the 3d model pushed into virtual reality, the client can walk thru the building, changing time of day solar lighting and materials investigations.  Getting a feel for the space that is not possible thru 2d rendering.
  • 3d Printing:  we have the capability to model with 3d printing. Thus allowing the client to hold the building in their hands.  There is nothing quite like it.
  • BIM: Building Information Modeling refers to a type of 3d software that allows the designer to drill down into the details of the building design early on in the building design process.  We use Revit software.  It allows us to do solar lighting studies, artificial light studies, material and form studies, and energy studies.  Looking for clashes in structure, mechanical systems and building components early on in the design process give a much better coordinated set of design documents.  This 4d data base has been used in facilities management after building completion.
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