Our Services

Williamson Group Architects Has Been In Business Since 1984

Service Goals

The firm was formed in 1980 in Bryan, Texas and serves the central Texas region.

We offer a highly experienced, personalized, professional design services. Our services range from as-built documentation of existing facilities to comprehensive building team design services.

Our typical project normally includes separate consulting services for Structural Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Civil Engineering design.
At WILGRP our goal is to produce CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE OF VALUE. We are an energetic small firm committed to solving today’s complex building challenges and answering clients needs under real world conditions. This often requires thinking outside the box.

Past Experience

Experience and Commitment are two characteristics that a client should look for in their design professionals. Williamson Group Architects’ wide range of project experience gives us the depth of knowledge to apply to virtually any challenge presented by client needs. Experience without commitment is an empty cup. The commitment to apply this experience to the clients needs lies at the heart of the success of the project.

our Location

Ask any building owner and they will tell you that “response” is a key ingredient to meeting project goals. During the design phase response time is directly related to the availability of the design team. During construction the response time of the design team can translate into dollars savings or costs to the Owner.
Our service area covers most of Central and Southern Texas.


At WILGRP we utilize current Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and virtual reality visualization and 3d printing to produce a state of the art facility.

WILGRP has produced a range of work from complex large scale institutional buildings to small commercial projects. Possessing the ability to just “design buildings” is no longer sufficient.
Knowing the “building process” is essential to completing projects under real world conditions.
This complex process demands knowledge of current state of the art building systems and techniques common to specific building types.

The Architect, being the prime professional, is responsible for coordination of all the building systems and components.

The Design Team’s communication with the client and contractor is the essence of successful projects.

We use contemporary tools in combination with traditional understanding of the building process – to provide better solutions to today’s building challenges.

At Williamson Group Architects , we pride ourselves on offering quality services tailored for each specific client and project.


As-Built documentation of existing built environment Pre- Design Services
  • Analysis of existing facilities & building systems
  • Analysis of existing space utilization
  • Program of Requirements
  • Budget analysis
  • Site selection assistance
  • Project Delivery Method selection assistance
  • Project Schedule and Construction sequencing
  • 3d and presentation graphics
Master Planning and Site Design
  • Phased construction or future constructions
Architectural Building design as a prime profession
-Including thru outside consultants:
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Design
  • Structural Engineering Design
  • Civil Engineering Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Acoustic Design
  • Energy Audit Services